Online Programs

Space and Time offers two online programs so you can declutter and get organised no matter where you live. Follow the links below to the relevant section on the page.

Declutter Your Life

Declutter Your Calendar

Both are hosted on the acclaimed Thinkific website which is easy to navigate and the program is quick to follow and digest. It will take approximately an hour to watch through all the videos. You can then come back to again, and again to keep improving and reminding yourself what you want to achieve whether decluttering your life (your stuff) or decluttering your calendar (your time).

Declutter Your Life

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I’m thrilled to share my passion for decluttering and getting organised at home through this resource. The Declutter Your Life online program is an 8 video adaptation of the popular Declutter Your Life face-to-face workshop.

The program shares my experience as a professional organiser since 2015. It also includes the best tips I’ve learned from attendees whilst presenting the workshop around Victoria (Australia).

Online program format

The online program follows the 6 steps of the Space and Time Organising SYSTEM with 1 video for each step to be followed in sequence.

The SYSTEM is full of tips to combat the challenges my clients struggle with every day. These challenges include stopping the stuff from coming in the front door. It also includes techniques for letting go of items ways to make being organised part of your everyday life.

The workbook and Step-By-Step Plan will allow you to create your own decluttering plan as you watch each of the videos.

Who’s the program for?

This online program is perfect for you if you have too much stuff and find it difficult to let go of things. It’s also for you if you don’t know what storage items to use and find it hard to stay organised when you’ve done a blitz. Follow the below button for details and booking instructions.

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Declutter Your Calendar

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Too much to do? Not enough time? This online program to be launched on Friday 4th September 2020 is perfect for you.

This online program shares tips to make conscious choices with your time so you and your family members live simple, happy and healthy lives. Learn easy to implement organising systems to support this energising flow in your life instead of wrangling with the daily chaos.

Online program format

Learn at your own pace – 8 videos and a handbook full of templates to declutter your calendar so you can be absolutely clear on important tasks.

Program includes:

  • examine where all your to-dos come from
  • choose priorities from a long list of to-dos
  • make life as simple as possible to free up time for activities of your choice
  • make being organised a part of your daily life.

You will leave this program with

  • detailed handbook with clarified priorities 
  • strategies to implement immediately to allow you to be absolutely focused on what you want to achieve.

Who is the program for?

If you feel frantically busy, missing the mark, unappreciated and worn down, exhausted and overwhelmed or experienced a change of routine you will benefit from the information, tips and routines shared in this program. Follow the below button for details and booking instructions.