How to: Speed cleaning is so easy

The term Speed Cleaning was coined a few years ago in a book of the same name by Shannon Lush and Jennifer Fleming . Page 5 reads “The approach can be summed up in one word – systems. Having systems in place will mean your house will run more smoothly and efficiently. The best news is Read More

7 Strategies to Start a Revolution and Make Cooking Fun! – Dr. Mark Hyman

Super busy lives mean many of us shy away from cooking. Juggling to-do lists, demanding jobs, children’s busy schedules, and perhaps less-than-stellar skills in the kitchen, cooking seems to slide way down on our list of priorities. My lofty goal involves shifting people’s perception about working with food and creating a meal. We have raised a Read More

10 ways to make meal preparation easier, fun and more enjoyable!

I conducted a “pop quiz” last week on my personal facebook page to ask “the two things you have most trouble keeping organised at home?” I had lots of great responses from busy Mums (and Dads) One big challenge for busy families is meal preparation. So let’s have a look at ways to make this household chore easier, Read More

The early riser gets more out of life

As the last blog in my series of setting up healthy habits, I’d like to share thoughts from a blog post written by my friend and copywriting extraordinaire, Kate Merryweather ( In her blog, Kate explains the concept behind Hal Elrod’s  “The Morning Miracle” Hal describes the ideal morning routine, where you complete the S.A.V.E.R.S: Silence Read More

Changing habits: how to make good ones and break the bad ones

My post today continues on the theme of setting up healthy habits to keep your momentum going for a successful year. In the article I’ve  just read by, Ellen Jackson, Psychologist, Professional Coach and writer for, she explains what habits are and how to break habits and how create new ones. (Read whole article: Changing Read More