Space and Time’s favourite storage products

Kids artwork

Create place for the kids to unpack artwork from their school bags each night with this A3 tray. Make this a charging hub too as their iPad and laptop should fit too.

A3 document tray
A3 Document tray for kid’s artwork – Cardridge World

Sachet organiser

Keep all your sachet’s upright and sorted with this sachet organiser. Could be used in many areas of the home.

Sachet organiser – Amazon

Pot / Pan / Tray rack

Create more space and easy access to pots / pans and trays with these handy racks.

Pot organiser
Fryingpan organiser – Amazon
Tray organiser – IKEA

Weetbix storage

Keep Weetbix fresh by taking the whole contents of the packet (plastic liner and all) and store in this fabulous container.

Store a whole pack of Weetbix – House

Cutlery trays

So many options for utensils and cutlery; you’re bound to find one just the right size and depth for your drawers at home.

Expandable cutlery tray – Kmart
Expandable cutlery tray – Kitchen Warehouse
Kaboodle Cutlery / Knife Insert Tray
Cutlery / Knife insert tray – Bunnings
Kaboodle Small Utensil / Cutlery Insert Tray
Small utensil cutlery tray – Bunnings
Kaboodle Large Utensil / Cutlery Insert Tray
Large utensil / cutlery tray – Bunnings

Kaboodle Grey Cutlery Insert Tray
Grey Cutlery Insert Tray – Bunnings
Utensil tray – Kmart

Pantry / fridge organising

Keep like items together in the pantry or fridge with these handy items.

Pantry Drawer with Handles


Keep your food fresh with this range of plasticware.

Decor Tellfresh Oblong Storer 3 L Clear – Spotlight
1 litre Decor Telfresh container
900ml Decor Telfresh container

Under sink organiser

This adjustable shelf creates more space to put your items despite all the pipes being in the way.

Under sink organiser – Howard’s Storage

Kids artwork / photos / reports

The perfect place to archive kids artwork / photos / reports at the end of the school term.

File and Store tub – Officeworks

The suspension files in the above pic can be found at Officeworks – here.

Laundry items

Clothes hangers lying around? Fasten this rail to a metal object and hang your hangers out the way.

POS Sign Holder | L Bar with Magnetic Base + 2 Clips
attach with magnet to the dryer and hang spare coathangers

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