Snack and lunch planning for working from home

It’s really easy to slip into unhealthy snack and lunch habits when working from home. More snacks than usual, more food than usual, eating different types of food than usual.

Use these tips to plan your snack and lunch menu for the week so you can still fit into your favourite “work clothes” when it’s time to go back to the office.

Meal planning

Create a list of healthy options for snacks and lunches

There are a million ideas online to add to your list of healthy snack and lunch ideas. I found a number here including ways to use up leftovers and other items you have in your fridge or pantry. Get the kids involved in creating this list to ensure they’re on board too.

Plan what you’ll eat and only eat what you plan

Without a plan it’s easy to pick up the wrong snack and lunch

  • Create your meal plan for the week – here’s an easy template
  • create a shopping list from the above plan
  • do some food prep to make the week easier –

Incorporate balanced food intake across the day

You may have learnt about the food pyramid at school, but there have been many advances and adaptations to the basic concept over the years. In fact in recent years the layers on the pyramid have been moved around. Check out the updated version here.

On the same wavelength scientists agree we should be eating more proteins, less grains and of course more fruits and vegetables.

Here are some guidelines here from the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet – Higher protein, low GI eating plan.

Watch your portion sizes

Whilst you’re creating your meal plan for the week have a think about the amounts that you’re going to eat. Factor this in to your shopping list and be mindful of how much you’re dishing up at meal/snack time.

More tips to ensure you eat a good snack and lunch when working from home

Pack a lunch box

I thoroughly encourage you to pack your lunch for you (and the kids) just as you would if you were working in the office. Pack lunchboxes with snacks, lunch and drinks. This saves a lot of “Mum/Dad what can I eat” and also curbs the habit of standing in front of the fridge wondering what to eat and perhaps wasting time and grabbing something “unhealthy” or throw a pie in the oven a little too often.

Eat at regular times

Stick to your regular “office hours” eating times for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Try a walk around the block if you find yourself standing at the fridge outside of regular eating times.

Incorporate some outside time

Take your lunch outside to eat and enjoy some sunshine, get in some exercise and breath in the fresh air

What’s next?

Start off with a weekly meal plan for snack and lunch and then adopt the other tips in this blog to ensure you are eating the right food, in the right portions, at the right times of the day.

Need help?

I love to create weekly routines for families. Reach out to me at for a FREE 15 minute chat about your snack and lunch routine, or book some time here to work with me to overhaul your whole family routine.

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