Moving house and downsizing

Moving houseMoving house the easy way

Moving house or downsizing to a smaller home or retirement home is incredibly stressful – ask anyone who’s done it! Packing and unpacking is not only physically taxing but there’s also the mental strain of making all those decisions about what to keep and where to put everything in the new home.

People hate moving, but there is a secret to make moving so much easier… hire a professional!

How it works

Hiring me to help you move house is an investment in your sanity! (Not sure you agree? Check out the comments on this story about moving house on…)

I can make your move easy and hassle free – pack your belongings and unpack them in your new home.

Here’s some ways I can help you move house:

  • Provide guidance on the processes and then you put the plan into practice.
  • Help source storage, transport and moving suppliers as well as deal with your utilities companies
  • Join you on moving day to help you pack and unpack efficiently
  • Do the entire job myself!

No matter if you’re moving one kilometre or one hundred kilometres, the move requires a lot of work, and I can make it easier for you.

Need help?

See Working with Me for details and rates and then contact me today to book a session to get you moving!

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