Create a capsule wardrobe in an afternoon

Create a wardrobe you love and know you look fabulous in what you choose to wear

Do you have too many clothes, making you feel overwhelmed and guilty that some still have the tags? Has your wardrobe accumulated overtime, filled with multiple sizes and you can’t find anything to wear? Finding it hard to throw things out (even if they don’t fit) and this feels like a burden?

Julie Cliff, Professional Organiser, Melbourne, has been helping women create a wardrobe they love for many years. With formal studies in fashion design and a fascination with trends as to how we put our wardrobes together Julie loves to create a collection that makes you feel fabulous.

How it works

Take action and pick up the phone and make a time to work with Julie.

Julie will help you choose your favourite 36 pieces in your wardrobe focusing on:

  • what suits your body shape,
  • what makes you feel good
  • techniques for letting go of the guilt and the items (especially if they still have their tags)
  • places to donate and resell items you no longer need (see resource list here)

Julie will continue to weed through the rest of the wardrobe to help you decide what to keep and what to let go.


After working through your wardrobe, you will feel so much relief and joy instead of dread and loathing.

Imagine being able to grab items from your wardrobe in minutes because you know they fit and coordinate perfectly. Your curated wardrobe will save you time, money and stress!

Not in Melbourne? No problem, I can help you via phone or skype with my virtual organising services

Contact me today:

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