New Habits. Simpler Home – Coaching Program

One-on-one coaching program for women seeking a simpler home.

This coaching program is perfect for you if you struggle with the following home organising challenges:

  • always running late
  • sick and tired of picking up after everyone
  • too much to-do
  • overwhelmed
  • perfectionist
  • struggle with anxiety
  • can’t declutter
  • can’t stick to exercise
  • always unorganised
  • can’t let go of stuff (physical stuff and psychological baggage).

Program includes:

  • Identify the habits, systems and routines you want to change to make a simpler home
  • Make a commitment to change and being specific about the results you want
  • Create systems to support new habits
  • Tips and tricks to keep up the new habits
  • Get the family on board

Here’s how:

  • weekly one-on-one, 1 hour coaching call with professional organiser, Julie Cliff looking at the habits you want to change to make home simpler
  • Once you identify the habits, systems and routines around the home you want to change we will examine this in detail and create systems around the home and throughout your life to support the changes you are making.
  • Changes may include decluttering, rearranging living areas, rearranging your daily routine – any changes required to bring about the changes you want to make life simpler at home.
  • email and text support between sessions
  • 3 and 6 month programs available.

Email your expression of interest to for your application to be assessed for this limited program.