Happy Birthday Space & Time

Small Business birthdayHow time has flown for my Professional Organising business – where has 3 years gone!? In the time I have been running my business, our beloved Melbourne Storm has appeared in two Grand Finals, my boys have grown into a smallish grade 3 and biggish year 7 and my client base grows each day.

My background

As many of you know I have many years’ experience as an Executive Assistant. I’ve worked with CEOs and Corporate Managers as well as administration roles in a number of industries. This experience has given me a vast knowledge in management of electronic files, and confidential information. This has also given me experience developing process documents to systemise work flow. Fair to say I like things organised and I dislike being stressed!

It seemed a natural progression for me to start my own business as a professional organiser. The flexibility of being my own boss appealed to me to enable me to spend time with my family. I was also keen to become an expert in a field I am passionate about.

What does a professional organiser do?

A Professional Organiser is someone who creates customised solutions to help others get organised. They help their clients find balance, restore order and maximise their resources. They provide ideas, information, structure, solutions, tools and systems, which increase productivity, reduce stress and lead to more control in homes, businesses and lives.

With formal studies in garment construction, design and pattern making, and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Management Communication (PR), I believe I have a unique, creative approach to tasks put before me and I love to spread the word on the benefits of being organised.

I have a big interest in people’s happiness – their health, wellbeing and I just love being a part of the professional organising industry.

So I’d like to say “Cheers” to the first 3 years of my business and I’m sure you wish me luck for the future of Space and Time.

If you need a hand to get organised, please pick up the phone or send me a message at info@spaceandtime.com.au so we can get to work sorting out whatever space and time challenges you are faced with.

In case you are still wondering what I do as professional organiser, here’s a list of my services:

Sort out PantrySpace and Time Services

If you are drowning in clutter or need more time to get everything done in your day check out which of my below services would help you get it done and off of your mind.


Let’s work side-by-side to get those jobs done that you’ve been thinking about for ages like clearing out your cupboards, wardrobe, spare room or other cluttered space.

Organising Coaching (Time management):

Let’s set up your daily and weekly schedule so you’re not always running late and so you can get everything done with less stress (and less yelling at the kids before school).

Moving house, renovating or downsizing:

Moving house or downsizing to a smaller home or retirement home is incredibly stressful. Hiring me to help you is an investment in your sanity.

Virtual Organising

Do you live outside Melbourne and need help decluttering or do you know how to get organised, but you just want someone to keep you accountable? I’d love to coach you over the phone or on Skype to give you the support you need to get the job done.


Keep an eye on my facebook page for all upcoming workshops including decluttering toys, decluttering your wardrobe and general decluttering. I’ll also be presenting workshops on meal planning and 6 ways to be more productive at work and a workshop on setting priorities called Move from “I’m so Busy” to a life that you love.

Contact me today to discuss how I can help if you have too much stuff, not enough time or don’t know where to start. https://spaceandtime.com.au/contact-us/