How to: Easy storage for jewellery

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been looking at easy storage for toys, makeup and clothes.Today I’m going to talk about  popular storage options for necklaces, bangles, earrings/rings. Excitingly, easily stored jewellery can become a beautiful piece of artwork in your room with all the vibrant colours and sparkles from your collection added to decorative storage pieces.


To stop necklaces from becoming tangled they are best hung. Hang them on a branch, a rail, decorative nobs or this purpose built wall mounted rail system. Image courtesy

Note: Although it is beautiful to see jewellery out on display it is worth remembering that they will get dusty. Consider keeping special/expensive items enclosed in a clear, velvet lined this one here..



There are some beautiful and creative ways to store bangles. Sit them over a candle stick, teacup standbottle or vase as per this image. Image courtesy

As with necklaces make sure the bangles are easy to access. Don’t be tempted to stack too many on top of each other as it makes it difficult to retrieve them (and return them to their permanent home).


3.Earrings and rings:

Earrings and rings are easily kept in segmented dividers in a drawer. Image courtesy of Lifespace online (thanks to Suzette for the details of this gem!)

This tray extends to fit perfectly in your drawer and each pair of earrings has a permanent home in a particular segment. They look so pretty and it’s so easy to maintain.

Return everything to its permanent home!

Finally the key to keeping your collection of jewellery organised is to return each item to its permanent home as soon as you take it off your neck, arm or ears!

Taking time to create a permanent home for jewellery is well worth the effort to move you towards a simpler life.

How do you store your jewellery? I’d love to hear your thoughts and see some pictures. Please share below your favourite way to  keep in control.

Need some more inspiration, check out these ideas on my Pinterest page.

If you need a hand because your jewellery is in a jumbled mess check out my decluttering services  or  Contact me today for a chat about how easy storage for your stuff in ways that suit your budget, are easy to repeat and maintain will make a difference to your life.