Ask yourself these priority setting questions to get straight on what’s important to you

To-do list over flowing? Lot’s of great ideas and can’t decide which ones to work on first?

Ask yourself the below questions whilst you reflect on your to-do list to sort out what to work on next when everything is urgent and important.

As yourself these questions to get your priorities straight

What’s next

Download your own copy of the above worksheet so you can get clear on your priorites any time there is too much going on.

Still too hard?

Inject more space and time into your busy life through 1 on 1 organising coaching sessions. I love to work with Mums in this way.

How it works:

We will prioritise all that you need to get done each week. Examine your goals and how you can get it all done in an easy step by step process. With my support, you can create the success and outcomes you deserve – go on, organise the life you want to live!


My clients find that organising coaching helps them get everything done, and give them more time for spontaneity, enjoyment and relaxation.

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