6 tips to organise your fridge to reduce waste

Found yourself with a fridge full of food? Use these 6 tips to consume everything you’ve purchased and reduce food and money waste.

1. Sort

Put “like items” together e.g. dairy, fruits and vegetables, meat, condiments to create permanent homes for things so you know where to look when you need something.

2. Clean

Give your fridge a good wipe out and clean as you are re-sorting.

3. Label

Use, and label, a Perspex tray in the fridge for frequently used like items (but don’t go overboard as you need some space to put unusually shaped items and to fully utilise the space on each shelf). The above tray is from Kmart – you can find it here.

4. List

Write a list of all the food items in the fridge along with its “use by” date. Write down everything… YES even that handful of spinach and those limp carrots. Our aim is to use it ALL!

Additionally, write the date on leftovers with a whiteboard marker or create a tag with the date by sticking a piece of paper out of the lid.

5. Menu

Create a menu plan for the next two weeks to include all ingredients in your fridge. (not sure what to eat… Check out this blog “Tips to use food before “use by” to reduce waste

6. Challenge

Give yourself a challenge to follow the plan and don’t buy additional items until the majority of the items in the fridge are used up.

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What’s next?

Follow these 6 tips to sort out your fridge so you know where things are and when they need to be used to reduce food and money waste. I’d love to hear which tip you found most helpful – send me a note at info@spaceandtime.com.au

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