5 Simple Steps To Declutter Your Car

Are you ready to declutter your car?
These five simple steps will help you declutter your car that can get you started tackling the clutter in your vehicle.

1. Clear and clean all the rubbish inside the car.

– Decluttering your car is not much different to decluttering your home. Regular maintenance is much easier than leaving it all year and having a big mess to clean up.
– A clean car (inside and out) is something to be proud of. With no rubbish and clutter, your car stays neat and organised. This will give you a greater feeling of satisfaction when you jump in, which makes it easier to maintain a good attitude throughout the day.

2. Wipe the steering wheel, armrest, front and back seats, dashboard, and door pockets.

-Wipe off all the surfaces you touch. You don’t want to get a greasy or sticky steering wheel or armrest – ick. Regularly wipe them down rather than allowing residue to build up and stick to your hands and clothes. Dry it using a towel. Finish off your great work by hanging an air freshener.

3. Vacuum the car mats and seats (front and back)

-Car mats (and seats) get a lot of abuse. The materials used in them are designed to repel water and stains, but there are limits to what they can do. One of the main functions of the car mats is to protect the car’s carpet from being damaged by spilled drinks, dirt from shoes, and other substances. Vacuum the mats to maintain the integrity of your car carpets for a very long time.

4. Clear and clean the boot/rear of the car

-It is time to clear and clean the back of the car.
I’m always carrying stuff to clients’ homes to help us declutter and get organised, and I often pick up stuff to go to the op-shop, so I need to do a regular clear out. This means that I have space for groceries and other stuff in the back of the car whenever I need to haul something else around. Check out places to donate your stuff on the resources link.

5. Wash the body of the car.

– The previous 4 steps have been for the interior of the car. Now we get on to the outside of the car. Washing the body of the car is the most important thing to keep your car looking good. Washing not only keeps your car clean but also helps in keeping rust away. I always feel very proud when I walk towards my newly washed car.

What’s next?

Have a go at implementing the tips above to clear out and declutter your car this weekend. You will be grateful that you made time to do it every time you jump into the car in the future. Also, put it on your calendar to do regularly (maybe fortnightly) rather than let the mess build up.

Still too hard?

Come along to our online workshops to learn lots of decluttering tips so that you can implement new skills no matter what you’re decluttering. Check out all the details for the upcoming workshops here.