10 Tips to a tidy backyard

There’s nothing like a tidy backyard to make you feel at peace. “Tidy” is simply a state of being — a condition of simplicity, organisation and completeness. A tidy backyard is one that should elicit feelings of freedom, love and happiness. There’s no reason why your backyard shouldn’t be completely tidy!

Have you ever considered tidying your backyard?
You have a tidy backyard resulting in effective time management and little organisation. It can reduce stress, improve your mood and make your life easier. Here’s ten tips for a tidy backyard that will help you stay organised and enjoy more quality time with your family and friends.

Good planning is essential to maintaining a tidy backyard. For example, you might consider outlining a time-table for activities that needs to be done in the yard - such as developing vegetable patches, planting and/or harvesting flowers, putting together toys and equipment.

Tip #1- Make a plan

You’ll find it easier to create a tidy backyard if you plan which tools and equipment you need to buy, which activities will be most enjoyable for your family, and how the space should be divided. You may also be interested on my blog making plan your week with intention to reduce stress and overwhelm.

Do it in sections. This is a tip for cleaning your yard. You can't clean an entire yard at once. It's too big. Instead, give yourself room to breathe and tackle just one section at a time. Tackle it the same way you've tackled other tasks in your life when you wanted to finish quickly but didn't want to spend extra time. Cleaning the yard is a project like any other you'll encounter and should be treated as such with preparation, planning and a sense of accomplishment.

Tip #2- Do it in sections

When you clean your yard in sections you may find the process a lot less intimidating. You get to check things off your to-do list and accomplish tasks over time instead of getting overwhelmed by the magnitude of the entire project.

Put things where they belong. This is one of the first bits of advice I hear from every professional organiser I've ever worked with. ​The idea is, if you know where things belong, you're more likely to remember to put them there.

Tip #3- Put things where they belong

Clean up your yard and have fun doing it. Discover creative ways to store and display tools, toys, and other objects.

During the composting process, there is a lot of decaying and breaking down of organic matter. This process will help to add nutrients back into the soil. By adding compost, you are essentially improving on that natural composting process and speeding it up. But if your yard already has high-quality soil, it is not necessary to add more.

Tip #4- Designate a special spot for compost

Compost can help enrich the soil of your flower bed, but it should be put in a separate container.

Ever wish you could get the trash out of your house but hate having to haul it outside? Of course you do. It seems that you can never catch a break because when you open your fridge, there isn't room for food but there's always room for leftovers in the trashcan.

Tip #5- Give trash can an island home that is easy to get to but out of the way

Make the trash bin easier to use by putting it where you want and creating a place your family will actually use.

Organic waste is not a problem, it's a resource! If you're able to produce some compost and fruit/veggie scraps, then you've got to know how to dispose of them. You could throw them in the trash, but that's just a waste of natural resources. Composting is a great way to reuse some of that fruit and veggie waste that would normally go straight into the trash.

Tip #6- Build a compost bin or container garden

If you have a compost bin or container garden, that’s the best way to get tidy of all that organic waste. We know not everyone is in the best situation to have something like this at home, but it’s worth looking into if you can.

If you want to get your gardening chores done quickly, easily, and correctly, there's no better approach than getting organised. Like anything else on a homestead, spending too much time looking for and rearranging things can sap the life out of an activity. Think about how long you spend each day in the yard — it's definitely part of farm chores (and fun!). Being prepared and organised is key to enjoying backyard tasks.

Tip #7- Yard tools go in one place

Label your garden tools with signs to keep them organised, visible, and accessible so you’re ready when you need them.

Keeping your backyard tidy can be a headache job. However, the faster you get the hang of it, the more it will bother you. Usually tidying up doesn't mean you have to do any heavy work. You just have to keep your garden clean and that's all there is to it!

Tip #8- Get rid of the trimmings

Keeping your backyard tidy is fun and easy! All you have to do is keep it clean, and we’ll help you.

Your storage shed is filled to the brim with gardening tools. You need to find a way to organise these items so you can easily find what you're looking for.

Tip #9- Watering cans and hoses in one place

You love spending time outdoors. Your backyard is your pride and joy. But, you hate having to water your plants with a watering can or spending hours hosing down leaves and debris. It’s the clutter in your backyard that makes the job worse. But don’t worry — you can eliminate the clutter without hiring any gardeners. But keeping all your garden tools, watering cans, and hoses in one place helps to have a tidy space.

The tips below will help you convert your backyard in to a space that you and your whole family will enjoy. While in the planning stages, things can get a little tricky. So it's important to walk through the design process before you start making changes to avoid expensive mistakes and save time.

Tip #10- Be creative

Have some fun while you’re doing it, even if you are tidying up your backyard. Imagine it as a location where you may have fun, unwind, and spend quality time with your loved ones and close friends.

There is no reason to delay start making your yard tidy now. Make it neat. After you’ve finished doing that, take some time to appreciate what you’ve made — the results of your hard work – and be thankful that you’re engaged in an activity that pleases you.

What’s next?

Try using the above tips to make your backyard tidy over the weekend. Also make sure put it on your calendar as something you need to do regularly so that the mess doesn’t build up.

Still too hard?

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