10 steps to move from “I’m so busy” to a life that you love

In our modern, technological world we all try to cram so much in to each day. When we ask someone how they are, they say “busy” instead of “I’m well thank you”.  To try transform the “I’m so busy” to a life lived with purpose I coach my clients about the importance of making conscious choices about how they spend their time.

Here’s 10 conscious steps to move away from “I’m so busy” to a life that you love.

Hire me

1. Hire me – perhaps a bit cheeky to put this one on top of the list, but stop procrastinating and work with me to get those things done that have been sitting on your to-do list for ages. We can get a lot done in a few short hours. See all my services here.

2. Automate bills – where possible arrange for all utility bills to be paid via direct debit to free you up from the hassle of overdue bills and extra charges.


3. Unsubscribe – unsubscribe from all emails, newsletters, facebook groups and other social media that you do not love.

4. Turn off all notifications – Turn off all notifications on all devices. You will be amazed how focused you can be without constant interruptions. Check email and messages at set times of the day so you can focus on your own work, not requests or updates from others.

5. Say no – Say no to events, invitations, surveys and emails that are not going to take you closer towards the life that you want to live.priorities6. Priorities –  Look at your to do list and ask yourself these questions to help you decide what’s important to do now:

  • If today I could do only 3 or 4 tasks of value, that will have a real impact, what would they
  • Which of all priorities will give the highest payoff/make me money?
  • Does this take me closer to my goal?
  • Does this lighten my mental load?

7. Next action todo list – set up two to-do lists. 1 to dump all your ideas into and the other that prioritises the list and the very next action you need to do on your project. Read the full blog here.

8. Routine – create a weekly routine that lists important things and a time to do them. There’s some more information here to help you.

Kids sport
Photo courtesy Memories by Penny

9. Kids sport – related to points 5 (say no!) and 8 (routine), make conscious decisions about the extra-curricular activities of each member your family. Do the kids really need to be out playing arranged sport 3,4 or 5 times a week?

10. Food – spend time each week planning the food you want to eat. Buy all the healthy snacks and ingredients you need for meals to help you be as healthy as you want to be.

Implement as many of these 10 tips as you can to help you focus on what you really want. These tips help you  be clear on your priorities and what’s really important to you and each member of your family. Soon you will find you have less “busy work” to do.

Do you still need help to get some things off your plate? Book a time with me here for a chat about your priorities.

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