Declutter your way to a calmer, tidier space desk

Kitchen cupboards overflowing? Papers out of control? Wardrobe jam packed with clothes you never wear? Office or workplace drowning in stuff?

The key to decluttering success is to move quickly but efficiently, and my tried and true approach will help you progress fast – giving you a sense of achievement and a tidy room at the end of the day. I have plenty of storage solutions to share with you that will make your space easier to use and tidier all day, every day!

Decluttering Q&A

Here’s the eight questions I’ll be asking you when deciding if you should keep an item:

Here’s the eight questions I’ll be asking you when deciding if you should keep an item:

  1. Do you absolutely love it – does it fill you with joy?
  2. Is it functional and do you use it often?
  3. Does it have any sentimental value (someone you care about gave it to you)?
  4. Is broken or need mending? Can you be bothered with the cost and hassle of repair?
  5. Does this item represent something you intend to do in the future? (lose weight, read a book, study conference notes, tidy the stationery cupboard, sort photos)
  6. Does this item represent past memories, happy or sad?
  7. Do you only look at or enjoy this item when you are decluttering?
  8. You’re keeping it – where does it go?

Decluttering can be an exhaustive, yet emotionally uplifting process. I’ll be there to help you and keep you on track towards your goal of a less cluttered, calmer living or working space. Don’t worry—I won’t be forcing you to bin beloved items and cherished keepsakes. On the contrary, I’m interested helping you create a home filled with possessions that you love, use and enjoy.

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